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Peace Education in Practice

Connect peace with your day-to-day life and actions

Are you an activist, a volunteer, a camp coordinator, a youth worker, a trainer, an enthusiast or just curious to learn more about peace education SCI style? Join us on a journey to get to know more about peace!

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Course for Placement Officers

Master the Practical Procedures 2021 and understand better how to place volunteers to workcamps in SCI. For all placement officers, who want to get ready for the upcoming season.

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Peace Education in Practice

What will you learn/gain?

New understanding about what peace is, how to contribute/harm it, looking at your role in peace.

How to deal with conflicts, how to talk about peace to others and how to stand up for peace.

Concrete methods you can apply in your daily life to contribute to peace directly around you.

This course is for different kinds of learners

Some parts are more  theoretical and abstract, some more practical and hands-on.

You will learn through many interactive methods.

You can choose what modules you follow and finish at your own pace.

This course is not the absolute truth!

Discover your own understanding of how to contribute to peace.

We tried to include perspectives from all parts of the world, but  our bias is Eurocentric. Be aware!

Peace is big. We keep on trying to bring it about. Join us!

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I would recommend this course to volunteers, students and anyone who would like to learn about peace and peace in practice but haven’t acquired or developed much knowledge on this theme.

Thanh Mai Nguyen

Course participant


This online course was developed as part of the Peace in Practice project, financially supported by the Council of Europe through the European Youth Foundation and Europe for Citizens programme of the European Union.

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Course for Placement Officers

What will you learn/gain?

How to place volunteers on workcamps.

Test your knowledge of the Practical Procedures 2021 and SCI abbreviations.

Community of placement officers.

This is just a start!

The course was created leading up to the Placement Officer Training 2021.

The idea is to make it useful and make it look better with every POT.

Do you want to help building this course further? Contact us.