In SCI we are dedicated to promote a culture of peace and to empower people all around the world to actively practice and act for peace in everyday life.

We believe that each of us can bring positive change for peace on a personal, local and/ or international level. That is why our courses are open and available to all to support you in that. 


Our Courses

Watch this space for more courses in the future!

Peace Education in Practice

Connect peace with your day-to-day life and actions

Are you an activist, a volunteer, a camp coordinator, a youth worker, a trainer or a facilitator, a (peace) educator, an enthusiast or just curious to learn more about peace education SCI style? 

  • With this online course, we invite you on a journey to get to know more about peace!
  • You will discover how to promote peace in yourself, in others, in society and with nature.
  • This course is based on the principle of Peace Education! It includes a mix of approaches: part theory, part practical.

“Peace Education in Practice” encourages you to learn, reflect and to go out into the world and practice peace education.

  • 4 hours
  • Self-paced 
  • English
  • No prior experience needed