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You are part of something bigger! When we think about peace, we often think about how we behave around other people. This doesn’t only happen on the level of conversations or interactions between you and other people. You are part of something bigger: Society!


Being peaceful means to engage in society. You might think that the most peaceful thing is to just ignore the injustices in the world and to really only focus on yourself, but the truth is: If we don’t live in a peaceful society, we can also not really be at peace with ourselves. In order to make society peaceful, we need to manage it: Peace is political!


Peace education should make people active in society. As a peace educator, you have the chance to make the world a more peaceful place by engaging more people. You can make people around you reflect and discuss how our world could be more peaceful and to stand up against violence. We will give you some hints of what you could talk about in this chapter.