If there is an extra participation fee, both the camp description and the infosheet must explain what it is used for and why it is charged.

When can you ask for an extra fee in a camp? An extra participation fee, to be paid on arrival, can be asked from the volunteer in case:

  • the project partner and hosting organisation cannot afford to pay the costs for accommodation and food (mostly for workcamps in the North-South Exchange)
  • the workcamp contains a special training, study part, cultural programme or obligatory travel, visa expenses, which the project partner/hosting organisation cannot afford to pay
  • The additional participation fee can include for example workcamp participation fee, obligatory transportation to and from the workcamp venue, special obligatory session at the workcamp, costs for obligatory trips during the workcamp, extra costs for accommodation and food.

Who observes and regulates these extra fees? The extra fee is a partnership relations issue, for which the regional working groups exist in SCI. The working groups must regulate hosting fees for the SCI members in their region according to their internal procedures. It is important that the working groups cooperate with the partners to minimize the fee as much as possible and that they take into account the content and duration of the workcamp, the items included in the fee and cost of living in the respective country. In the regions without recognized working groups, the IEC is expected to assume the fee regulation role. Partners and branches are transparent about the way the sending and hosting fees are used.

When is the fee paid? The extra participation fee has to be paid by the volunteers at arrival.