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mouse writing a journal

Journaling is a practice of keeping a personal diary that explores your thoughts, feelings, ideas surrounding the events of your life. It is a method to stop, observe, reflect what is going on in your life and thus it is a practical and accessible way to stay connected to your inner self, your body, your dreams and your purpose in life.

Do it yourself! Create your personal Journal and try it out for at least one month. There are many inspirational ideas about journals in Pinterest.

Take a blank notebook and create your journal. Plan, draw, enjoy the creative process. And then each day find your 10-15 minutes to spend time writing in your journal. It might be challenging in the beginning but with the time the process of writing becomes more and more natural. Enjoy it and use it as a way to connect to yourself and find your inner peace.

Reflection time

After going through the module of inner peace, we invite you to take a moment for reflection on what you take from these activities and would like to apply in your life.

Think about the following questions:

  • What is my understanding of inner peace now?
  • What do I do that contributes to my inner peace?
  • What would I like to do more in order to feel more peaceful at the present moment?

If you are curious how other people understand inner peace and what they do to find it, look into the Materials tab.


Inner Peace Survey results: When planning this module, we prepared a short anonymous survey and asked people to contribute with their thoughts, feelings and reflections on inner peace. We were amazed by the contributions we received. Thank you all who participated and for the inspiration your answers brought to us! We believe this inspiration could go further and here you can find the answers of the survey. Have a nice time reading it here.