Video credits: Cartoon Ed, published on May 6, 2018

There are many different ways to look at peace. In the video you can discover Johan Galtung’s concepts of positive and negative peace. Watch carefully, as you have a quiz after!


To sum up…

Negative peace

Peace will come when there is no violence, exploitation or war – and also no fear of violence, exploitation or war. It is called negative peace, because peace is defined by what it is not.

If we want to achieve peace through negative peace, we need to resist, protest against and abolish violence.

Positive peace

Peace will come when we create attitudes, institutions and structures that are peaceful, e.g. by creating cooperation, dialogue or equal opportunities for everyone.

If we want to achieve peace through positive peace, we need to create a culture of peace. Go to Materials to understand better what a culture of peace is and why peace action is still important today.

Introduction to a culture of peace: Discover more about why the world’s situation makes it so necessary to act for peace. You will also clarify the concepts of peace, conflict and violence and reflect on how they influence you. This module is part of Modules for Global Justice that have been developed by SCI Catalunya in collaboration with Escola de Cultura de Pau, l’Etnogràfica and l’Observatori del deute en la Globalització (ODG).