Write down 15 things that you consider to be the most important in life. Those may represent examples from your personal life or your own beliefs. You have 5 minutes to do this.

After your list is completed think for another couple of minutes and narrow it down to 3 things only. Take a look at those 3 things carefully and answer the following question:

  • Which values are your 3 most important things based upon?

If your list includes objects, think about their purpose in your life. If you wrote about people, think about your relationship with them. If your answers are more abstract and ideological, reflect about why they are important to you.

What do all these things and people provide for you and what would you lose if you ceased to have them in your life? Try to come up with at least 3 core values that your decisions, relationships and behaviors are influenced upon.


Tip! For inspiration and a wider understanding about the core values, you can refer to the Common Cause values map here.

Reflect!: As an example of values in peace education we will present the core values of SCI (you can find them at the bottom of this page). Compare the list of your own values with the common values in SCI. Are there any differences and similarities between the two?