SCI Insurance documents 2020

For SCI branches and groups that are using SCI Insurance to insure their activities, here are the documents, which you need.

Click on the blue text to download that file.

All campleaders of SCI workcamps (in VEF-area) should have read the Insurance infosheet and have easy access during the workcamp to Insurance infosheet and Medical Claim Notification Form and Notice of claim TPL.

Insurance Infosheet is meant for insured volunteers and project hosts. It has all the information they need to know about SCI Insurance.
* Insurance Infosheet 2020 in English
* Insurance Infosheet 2020 in French

Medical Claim Notification Form is the document that needs to be filled with all accidents and illnesses that might be covered by SCI Insurance. The first side is filled by the campleader and the volunteer; the other side is filled by the doctor.

In the case of Third Party Liability please find attached the Notice of claim TPL document which needs to be filled in.

It is important to note that nonSCI members are not able to purchase the Third Party Liability insurance: it is only valid for SCI branches and groups.