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Hi, welcome to the course! We’re really happy to have you here!

This is a short introduction that might be useful for you if you are planning an educational project. Your project can be anything from a seminar, a workshop, a volunteering camp, a youth exchange, a training course or an international cooperation project. This is not a project management course per se, but rather a breakdown of some elements we think you should consider while developing your project.It is of utmost importance to constantly challenge ourselves and our environments and keep learning and growing with every opportunity we can create.

When going through these modules, try to have a project in your mind. It doesn’t matter if it’s one you have attended, one you have heard about, or one you’ve seen online, but this will help you always have a clear picture in mind and make the ideas from this module more practical. You can write a short description of the project in a notebook, or in the comments section.