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What is peace?

Begin your journey by discovering what peace is, how it is defined, and how it can be practiced!

Inner peace

What is inner peace? How does it contribute to all other aspects of life? How can this be managed and improved?

Peace with others

What is the connection between individual and social peace? Reflect about your values and learn more about non-violent communication or conflict resolution.

Social and political peace

Being peaceful means engaging in society. Learn more about standing up against war and violence, standing up for global justice and human rights.

Peace with nature and the environment

Explore how peace connects with nature at an individual, community and societal level. Understand the impact of actions on the environment, and how these can be minimised.

How to educate for peace

Learn how to facilitate sessions on peace education, exploring the different types of facilitation, settings and methods.

Looking back, looking forward

Reflect on what you have learnt throughout the course. See the next steps you can take to practice, educate and advocate for peace.

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