Clothes and cosmetics


Video credits: TED-Ed, published on Sep 5, 2017 

Do! It’s time for upcycling! If you haven’t heard of this term before, find out what it means. What is the difference between recycling and upcycling? Write down your answers. Next, find an item of clothing that you don’t wear any more. Don’t throw it away, upcycle it – you can browse for ideas or search for tutorials on YouTube. Take a photo of its new look and share the photo on social media with the following tag #PeaceEducationInPractice_upcycling

Educate! Organize a swap party with your friends: ask everyone to bring clothes they don’t like or wear anymore and you can swap! Your old clothes will find new owners who might wear them as they are or upcycle them if adjustment is needed. Win-win!

Video credits: The Story of Stuff Project, published on Jul 21, 2010

Do! How dangerous are your cosmetics? Choose three cosmetic products you use daily or weekly (this can be a shampoo, body wash or body scrub, toothpaste, perfume, make-up, etc.). Take a look at the ingredients list. Compare the ingredients with the list available on this website. Did you find any hazardous elements? What are their effects on your body and the environment?

Educate! Now that you have seen what kind of scary and hazardous ingredients our shop-bought products can contain, you can try to make your own! Organize a DIY cosmetics workshop with your friends or family.

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