Video credits: The Atlantic, published on Dec 12, 2019

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A minority of people take the majority of flights, contributing drastically to climate change. Ideas to tackle this problem include banning domestic flights and private jets, a frequent flyer levy/tax, as well as investing in public services such as night trains and affordable rail. 

Do! Think of a destination you would like to discover. Write an eco travel plan for this destination. Here are some points to help you start: budget, transportation (international and in-land), accommodation, food, sights and activities, people, etc. You are also of course free to add your own or find some other tips online!

Educate! Social media challenge! Go to your favorite place in your neighborhood or close surroundings. Take a photo of it and post on social media. Add a short description of the challenge and hashtag #PeaceEducationInPractice_travelchallenge and #sci and tag 5 other friends who should do the same. Let’s explore and discover the beauties of our local areas!