Permaculture is a system which aims at meeting diverse needs of humans in a way that benefits the environment at the same time.

Video credits: Our Changing Climate, published on Jun 9, 2017

Permaculture is often symbolized by a flower or a spiral, just like in the image that covers most important sections of permaculture. The permaculture journey begins with the Ethics and Design Principles and moves through the key domains required to create a sustainable culture. The spiral evolutionary path joins together these domains, initially at a personal and local level, and then proceeding to the collective and global level. Some of the specific fields, design systems and solutions that have been associated with the wider view of permaculture are listed below. 


Take a look at the permaculture flower. As you can see there are many aspects and the principles of permaculture that could be practiced in all dimensions of our life. Explore the different domains and how they correlate with the activities in our everyday life.

Pick up 3 new ideas for you. Do you know what agroforestry is? Have you heard of wood gasification or homeschooling? Find 3 new concepts for you and do research. What is it about? How do people apply it in their lives? Is it possible to incorporate these new ideas in your life? If yes, how?


Organize a movie night about Permaculture. Many inspiring examples you can find here. Watch a movie about permaculture and discuss with friends and family. What did you know? What is new for you? What has surprised you? What would you apply in your life? 

Watch the video Permaculture as a Path to Peace in Materials, this explaining what permaculture is, exploring its social aspect and showing specific examples of permaculture in practice as well as how permaculture can be a way to peace.

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