How can we measure peace?

The Global Peace Index compares peacefulness between different countries in the world. It examines each countries direct involvement in wars and violent conflicts, the weapons it produces and exports, the accessibility for normal citizens to purchase weapons, and the amount of money the military receives from the state. 

Here you can view the Global Peace Index per country. Click ‘Full Stats’ for more information! 

What surprised you about your country? How could they improve? What surprised you about other countries? Which ones are more peaceful or violent than you thought? 

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Action 1

Share the Global Peace Index website in your social media, ideally together with a comment about how your country can improve. Use the hashtag #PeaceEducationInPractice in your post. 

Action 2

Research initiatives in your country that work on improving your country’s ranking in the Global Peace Index. This can include organisations advocating for stricter gun laws, for less military spending, for prohibiting weapon exports. War Resisters International is an example, and has members in more than 40 countries.

See how you can support these organisations. Join them, donate to them, or spread the word about their work on social media!