M1 – What is SCI?


Self-assessment test: how much do you know about SCI’s history, its development, its approach to volunteering and to peace work? The following questions will guide you in your self-assessment.

Do you know when and why the first workcamp was organised? Do you know how IVS and SCI developed? 

Are you familiar with SCI’s approach to peace work, voluntary activities, volunteering in conflict areas? What is the added value provided by SCI through its activities? What does SCI do? And what does NOT do?

How much do you know about the development of IVS in Africa? How many SCI branches or SCI partner organisations based in the African continent do you know? 



The sections of this module will increase your knowledge and familiarity with these topics, and will help you clarify important concepts related to volunteering, peace work and grassroots approach with SCI.