Technical elements of communication

When talking about technical elements of communication, the 3 main pillars are:

  1. Privacy 
  2. Copyright 
  3. Disclosure messages 

Elements of Privacy

In many situations, communication work must take privacy into account. Handling sensitive material, giving interviews, managing social media platforms, crisis communication, and many other situations can all include it.

It’s important to know the precise regulations that apply to the area of your audience because privacy laws vary widely between nations/countries. Remember to clarify the potential consequences of sharing both sensitive information and personal information while talking about privacy.

Given that people’s expectations of privacy can vary depending on the setting (e.g., social media versus the office), it’s critical to take the audience’s particular circumstances into account.

People may have different expectations of privacy depending on the context (e.g. social media vs. workplace), so it’s important to consider the audience’s specific situation.

Some ways to protect privacy include using strong passwords as an organisation because you have access to private information, using a VPN when connecting to  public Wi-Fi, and avoiding sharing personal information with unknown sources. We also recommend always ask for consent to share information/pictures and only share them when you do have that consent. THis can be done through a tick on a form or survey, a declaration, a written consent and so on.