Guidelines of creating a communication plan

As straightforward as it sounds, a communication plan involves creating a strategy for when and how you would like to communicate. When creating this plan, you could keep these elements in mind:

  • Goal (types of goals – long/short term, how to create a goal)
  • Audience 
  • Message (How to phrase & transmit it) 
  • Channel
  • Timing
  • Budget

Here are some tips you could take into account when creating your communication plan:

Determine the goals of the plan: What are your short- and long-term goals?

This will help you determine the resources needed to achieve those goals.

Identify your target audience: The target audience of your plan will determine the type of communication channels, materials and language you use. 

For example, if the target audience is primarily online, then the budget should allocate more resources for digital marketing and social media ads.

Choose communication channels and materials: Based on the goals and target audience of the communication plan, choose the most effective communication channels and materials. 

For example, if the goal is to increase brand awareness, then you could allocate more resources for advertising and public relations activities.

Estimate costs & prioritise expenses: Estimate the costs of each communication channel and material. This may include costs such as printing and design fees, advertising costs, and salaries of communication staff. Prioritise expenses based on the goals of your plan and the resources available. Some expenses may be more critical to achieving the goals of the communication plan than others.

Create a timeline: Creating a timeline will help determine what activities/expenses/plans will occur, which will help in the overall planning and executing.

Monitor and adjust: Regularly monitor the plan to ensure that your plan is in line with your goals.

Adjust the activities, timeline as necessary to ensure that resources are being used effectively and efficiently (material and human resources).


✅I have a clear goal for why I want to communicate this message

✅The vocabulary I used is inclusive and suitable to my target group

✅The information was double checked before being used

✅The timeline I created will help me deliver the message in time to achieve my purpose ( make an event visible before its starting date)


SCI checklist:

✅I used the hashtags of the project/workcamp/initiative

✅I added all the necessary logos of partners and institutions

✅I checked for grammar/translation mistakes

✅I scheduled the post/communication to the time where I know I will have more views (based on the algorithm/statistics information of social media accounts)