The importance of working together

SCI is a movement composed of a large number of organisations operating all around the world. The strength of a movement or network organisation is that individual organisations are able to rely on each other to receive support in their work, be it with project implementation, finances or communication. 

In communication and advocacy, this collaboration is crucial.


Having common communication and advocacy campaigns, presents a cohesive message and image of the movement, showing that all organisations have the same values and mission, that they are many, and that their message is widespread and important. A cohesive message also gives a sense of trustworthiness as it means that the internal communication and collaboration is effective and that the movement has a clear common vision.


Collaboration allows organisations to reach a wider audience than they would on our own. This is especially important when we organise international exchanges and we want to reach potential participants from many different countries.


Working together and trusting one another gives organisations a chance to receive support when they need it, and to express solidarity in situations where other organisations are affected. Solidarity is one of SCI’s core values, and it is important to practise it within the organisation, and lead by example.


Working together is a great learning opportunity, allowing for an exchange of knowledge and good practices between organisations.


Reflection moment: think about your communication and advocacy goals. How would you benefit from collaborating more with other organisations, in terms of reaching your goals? List three benefits and three commitments for collaboration (e.g. set up a coordination meeting, always tag other organisations, share your plans and material in advance, …)