How to get involved in SCI for a campaign

No matter if you are already a staff member/volunteer of an SCI organisation, or not, you can get involved in our campaigns!

As an individual, you can always share the campaigns that we post, or take action according to the campaign. Your participation is very much appreciated!

You can also be part of the preparation of a campaign: by being a volunteer with your SCI organisation or an international working group, you can contribute to the content, the designs, the organisation and implementation of campaigns.

If organisations or working groups have ideas for a common campaign, they can propose it to the rest of the movement and we can work together to realise the idea.

When a campaign is organised from the side of the International Secretariat, other SCI organisations are invited to contribute, co-create and share the campaign with their audience as well.

A special case are participants in our international training course, who are encouraged to implement local activities in their countries, and can find support from their local organisation and the International Secretariat. Their campaigns or activities will be part of an international project and be connected with each other.

There are different ways of staying connected and supporting each other’s message; if you have ideas and proposals, don’t be shy and contact