How to partner with other networks

Partnering with other organisations and networks is a great way to explore new ideas, share expertise, and expand each other’s reach.

Choose organisations and networks that you trust and that share your values.

Hold coordination meetings to set common goals and move forward together in the creation and implementation of the campaign.

Make sure that there are clear agreements on the visibility for all organisations involved with their contribution – e.g. display of the right logos, tags or post/event collaborations.

Remember to evaluate the campaign and the overall collaboration at the end, not only for the sake of the campaign itself but also for the consolidation of the partnership and potential future collaborations.


Exercise: Think about your organisation, your values, goals, strengths and weaknesses in reaching those goals. Now map organisations that you could potentially contact for collaboration and create a list of organisations to partner with. You could download and use this document for the mapping.

Here a simple example:

Topic/objective of my campaign: 

Campaign against nuclear weapons

Strengths (I have) Weaknesses (I have)
  • It strongly connects with my organisations’ values, history and message for this year
  • My organisations’ audience would be interested
  • My organisation has a clear antimilitaristic stance
  • My organisation is not well versed in the legal aspect of it
  • My organisation does not have a strong voice on the specific subject

List of organisations that share my values, or work on that topic or have similar objectives as me:

Opportunities (in partnering with certain organisations)
Threats (in partnering with certain organisations)
Possible Collaborations
  • Ver well known organisation working on the topic
  • Lots of knowledge on the law
  • Our perspective would be secondary
  • supporting their existing actions
  • Long-standing partnership
  • Similar goals
  • Wider audience
  • Not specific knowledge
  • collaboration on a different topic, e.g. international volunteering
  • Knowledge of the subject
  • Their values and goals are opposite to us
  • Potential reputational damage for SCI
  • no collaboration