Different examples of collaboration

In SCI, we collaborate in different ways when it comes to communication and advocacy.


Promoting each other’s content

As a network that exchanges volunteers across borders, organisations rely on each other to promote their content. Each organisation uses all their channels to do so, choosing the information that is relevant for their audience. 

In the example of the International Secretariat of SCI, we collect information from SCI organisations to share:

We share: 

  • News about international and local activities, 
  • Stories of volunteers and participants, 
  • Resources (toolkits, books, online courses, …), 
  • Opportunities for short-term and long-term volunteering, international training, or events.

SCI-specific: If you are working for an SCI organisation, know that your content can find more visibility when you share it with the International Secretariat. When you have an activity in your organisation, send an article about it, share pictures, videos, ask a participant to describe their experience, and the IS can share this content on their website, monthly newsletter and social media!” should also be in a box or look different, and have the SCI-specific icon: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1CW6LqpcHQi_TGKl-XBT5UfYQCkENFxap?usp=drive_link